Promoting Techno music and Festivals all around the globe !

As one of the leading Techno and electronic Music networks on-line, we offer our services to Artists and promoters all over the globe to expose their Music or Events to broader audience.

With our deep understanding, experience and connections in the Techno world, we will place you on the biggest and widest stage when it comes to Electronic Music and Techno specifically.

What services do we offer ?

  1. Festivals and events promotion – With a well built strategy, we’ll support your marketing plan and increase sales and exposure.
  2. Labels and music promotion – Support your new releases, EPs, albums and any other form of music promotion.
  3. Artists and Djs promotion – We will support your growth by creating well planned marketing strategy untill you get to the top.
  4. Products and services relevant to the niche promotion – Clothes, accessories, art and any other relevant services promotion.

What tools do we use ?

  1. YouTube network – As one of the biggest Techno YouTube networks, be sure to be visible on the most popular and massive channels in the Techno niche.
  2. Social networks – With Hundreds of thousands followers, we can easily make any content go viral and expose you to the masses.
  3. Banners – Get presence on the most visible and attractive spot on our website and reach more than 100k eyeballs a month.
  4. Email Marketing – We will spread the word to our international emailing list to reach your customers in their personal inboxes.

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