Change The Drug Perception

The dramatic increase in drug-related deaths is putting club culture under a threat all over the world.

The first big tragedy which led to serious consequences was the deaths of five young people at Timewarp Argentina festival. While the circumstances of the tragedy are being investigated, people who were at the event say that the venue was extremely overcrowded, hot and the lines to the bar where they could get water, were huge. Others say that the deceased took a few pills at once. Whatever the reasons were, five young people are dead and there is nothing that can make them come back. The last few days were marked with the news that the legendary London club Fabric is staying closed for an unknown period of time after closing it’s doors last week to help the police in investigating two deaths which occurred at the venue. Those deaths were also drug related and are suspected to be overdoses of MDMA or the generic substances which have the same affect on human organism as MDMA, but are a lot stronger and more dangerous.

What we can do is build awareness.

One of the main electronic music online magazines Mixmag has started a campaign to promote safe drug use. Some may say that it is another way to promote drugs, but it is not. It is a way to acknowledge that some people take drugs and there is no way to make them stop. But there is a way to try to make it safer for them.

We have been working on building drug awareness since the launch of this website. We are taking a new step to try to save the lives of people and increase the safety of nightlife.

Join us and add the #changedrugperception to the posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest if you find them relative to the topic.

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